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10 Ways To Save On Dog Food


As any dog owner and they’ll tell you: owning a furry little friend can sometimes feel like you have another child in the house. Between the buying the chew toys, the grooming products, vet bills, and food; getting a puppy can takes its toll on your time and wallet as well.

Despite all this, we love our dogs and wouldn’t trade them in for all the money and luxury items in the world. Plus at the end of the day, being a dog owner takes dedication, where you need to find thrifty solutions stay on top of all the money you are spending to keep little Fido content, healthy, and thriving.

Time to start finding cost-effective ways to deal with your dog’s meal times, first! Below are 10 ways to save on dog food.

  1. Manufacturer Coupons

There are a ton of dog food manufacturers that encourage buying their product by offering printable coupons on their websites, and bargain sites as well. Do a little research online and find some dog foods that you think Spot will enjoy. A little bit of work will reap a ton of reward when it comes to your monthly budget, and the free food and coupons will only help you to save in the long run.

  1. Store Coupons

Walmart, Target, Kmart, and most other big box, supermarket, and pet stores offer weekly coupons on specific products offered within their store on their websites or mobile device apps. Peruse these sites on a weekly basis and the end result will equal out to huge savings on your doggy’s food bill.

  1. Price Matching

While you are looking for coupons, check out the flyers to all your favorite shops, including pet stores, for their specials and promotions for the week. While you may not want to head to five different stores when it comes to dog food, some stores, like Target and Walmart, have price-matching policies where sales at other establishments will be honored there. Be sure to confirm with the store that they do have a price-matching policy and have proof of the lower-priced dog food item available before you head to the cashier. Most of these types of policies require that the lower price is granted for the same item (and quantity) of the product in their store, as the one that is being promoted on sale in the other.

  1. Double Up

Also referred to as coupon stacking, you can use your manufacturer coupons and store coupons to double up on savings. Not all stores do this, so ensure to ask someone within the establishment before heading to the checkout. Some stores that offer clients the option of doubling up on their coupons include, Kroger and Kmart.

  1. Samples

There are a ton of websites out there on the internet that offer free samples of products, including dog food, to the public; and this is a great way to gain some free stuff and save money. Most often, these sites require an email and home address to become a member. Sample Buddy is a perfect example of site that links the public with free samples; however, there are tons more out there if you do a little online research.

  1. Make Your Own

Any DIY enthusiasts out there? There are tons of recipes on the Internet right now when it comes to homemade dog food, and making your own is a great option to save money and offer additional benefits. Let’s face it, processed foods aren’t good for us humans … so why do we think it’s good for our dogs? In addition to healthier eating, making your own dog food guarantees you know exactly what your pup is consuming on a daily basis. Just ensure you are hitting nutritional daily requirements for you dog and ask your vet for advice if you have any concerns.

  1. Turn To Your Vet

Speaking of your vet, your dog’s doctor always has free samples and coupons on hand to give out when it comes to food and other doggy products. If and when you are in your vet’s offices, ask them for any that they have in stock. They’d be more than happy to pass them on!

  1. Sign Up For Rewards

Membership does have its privileges! In all seriousness, most dog food manufacturers have rewards programs or even just newsletter memberships that provide free samples, as well as coupons, and information on current sales or promotions. Once again, you’ll most likely need to provide a home address and email to score some free dog food and save money on future purchases; however, it totally is worth the effort and a win-win situation; not to mention the fact that you’ll be getting fun stuff in the mail (versus just bills) for once!


  1. Buy In Bulk

Buying anything in bulk is a great way to save money, and dog food is no exception to this rule. Costco, Walmart, and Sam’s Club are great wholesale establishments that offer you the opportunity to buy a ton of food for a great price, where you save money in the long run. Plus, an added advantage to buying your dog food in bulk is that you won’t need to run to the store weekly to grab more grub for pup when you run out. It lasts a very long while, saving you time and money!

  1. Go RAW

A raw food diet is all the rage right now when it comes to healthy eating, with the concept that is centered around whole plant-based foods, as well as an emphasis on organic unprocessed and uncooked meals. Hey, if it works for us humans, why not for our dog? All joking aside, fresh veggies and fruit, as well as meats (all uncooked) can be a good thing for your bank account and the health of your dog! Be sure to do some research before you dive into the idea, review potential recipes and combinations, and don’t forget to consult your veterinarian for the thumbs up and any questions you may have around your dog’s new diet.