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11 Places for the Best Tire Discounts


Tires can be a huge expense especially if you have to get a full set all at once. I got the bad news this past winter that all four of my tires were abnormally worn and had to be changed immediately. Oops. The problem was the tires were going to cost me upwards of $600 and that was for a cheap set, if I wanted the tires that your “supposed to have” then I was looking at a $900 day and that didn’t make me very happy. So imagine my surprise and delight at finding out there were websites available that offered coupons for replacement tires. It was a hallelujah day indeed. I have compiled a list of the best websites to get coupons for tires for your car.

TireBuyer has everything you need to get your car road ready again. They offer free shipping as well as coupons for 10% off the purchase of your tires. They have a great online ordering system as well as customer support via phone and instant message.

This website offers discounts on all aspects of car maintenance not just tires but they have coupons that allow you to get 10% of the purchase of your set. If you’re looking for more than just tires for your car, then may give you the best options.

A great website that offers many coupons not just for tires. They especially offer a lot of Canadian Tire coupons to redeem for new tires.

The website allows you to print off coupons at home and bring them in to get your tires done. It’s a quick and easy way to save some additional dollars on your tires.

The search engine on the site works wonders for navigating. The help section has no tutorials however and if you need further assistance there is no number available to call. At this website you can get a variety of different coupons for tires based off of your needs. You can get $10 off each tire, 10% on a full order of tires or 20% off your order of two tires.

The site has some pros and cons, the pro being that you have the option of sharing your coupons with friends and family through Twitter or Facebook. It seems to be the site to go to for everything. Coupons vary from local to grocery, exclusive member savings as well as coupon codes. They also offer coupons for tires and car maintenance.

You get live chat support with CouponCabin and the site is jam packed with information though so that it’s hard to find what you want. However there are thousands of coupons so you are bound to find what you want. They offer a great coupon deal that gets you $80 off an order of a set of four tires.

Tiresplus is one of the biggest tire retailers in the United States. They offer coupons for up to $100 off a set of tires as well as many other offers for mail in rebates.

Goodyear is one of the most well-known (and respected) tire manufacturer in the world. To incentive customers for direct sale they offer large discounts on tires when bought through their online site. Online coupons for Goodyear tires can save you up to almost $200 when bought directly through their site. They also have a convenient app that lets you schedule tire service and maintenance at one of their many brick and mortar service locations.

While Sears has recently undergone some financial trouble they still are a leader when it comes to tire coupons and discounts. Sears has exclusive offers with major tire brands (like Goodyear) and offer huge discounts on sets of tires. It’s not unheard of to find savings of up to $300 on tires at Sears and these discounts could increase as Sears tries to capture more business to offset their current financial woes.

Walmart is always a top spot for finding great coupons. It is no different for tires and big saving. Walmart carries top brands like Goodyear, Firestone and Continental. Walmart also has great coupon offers for discount tires brands if you’re someone who doesn’t drive much (or aggressively). Walmart tire coupons often include tire installation as well so you can shop while your tires are being installed.


When shopping for tires the biggest trick to saving is this: coupons are always available if you shop around. You should never be paying full price for tires unless it’s an absolute emergency. The tire market is so large that manufacturers are always competing with each other for your business and that means big coupon savings for you.