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4 Couponing Secrets That Can Save You A Ton

Who doesn’t like a bargain? If you’re hoping to save money on groceries, these couponing secrets can save you a ton of money.

Find Out About Events In Advance

A lot of discount stores, like Dollar General, hold a few clearance events throughout the year. You’ll already save money by going to these events, but you can save even more by finding out when the clearance event will be held well in advance. According to an article on the Taste Of Home website, you can be “tipped off a few weeks early through a Facebook couponing group.”

In fact, social media in general can be a great resource for couponing. Often employees of stores are in such groups and can tip off customers to upcoming events and sales.

Use A Coupon Clipping Service

For a lot of people, one of the main obstacles in couponing is finding enough coupons. If you aren’t able to source enough coupons yourself, consider using a coupon clipping service.

Coupon clipping services, such as Coupon Flea Market and Daily Dimes, source and clip the very best coupons available so that you don’t have to. Believe it or not, you can save a lot of money by investing very little in the purchase of coupons.

The best clipping services offer helpful tips and advice on how to best utilize their services. Be sure to research a site thoroughly before buying to ensure you are working with a reputable source.

Always Ask If A Store Takes Coupons

Everywhere you shop, always ask if coupons are accepted. Keep a record of which stores accept them so that you are always prepared. According to an article from US News & World Report, “Some stores that you wouldn’t think would accept coupons probably do.” Some discount stores that surprisingly do accept coupons include Dollar General and Dollar Tree.

You should also ask if a store allows coupon stacking. Stacking is using more than one coupon on the same item or identical coupons in the same transaction. Some stores that accept stacking include Dollar General, CVS, Rite Aid, Target and Walgreens.

Take Advantage Of Overages

Overage occurs when you use a coupon that more than pays for the item in question. A lot of stores will simply give you the item for free when this happens, but a few stores will actually give you the difference. Walmart is a store that will pay you the difference on a coupon that is redeemable for more than the price of the item advertised.

A great way to take advantage of overages is by finding coupons for health and beauty items. You can then use the overage to balance out your grocery bill. Walking away with free items feels fantastic, but so does saving money on those more expensive food items like meat and organic vegetables that you rarely see coupons for.

Do remember to check store coupon policies regularly as rules change from time to time.

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