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4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Couponing

It seems that every day, there’s always something new that you have to spend your money on be it bills, household items, or food. You would think that out of the three that at least food would be cheap due to needing it to live. You would also be wrong. Groceries are much more expensive than you or I feel as though they need to be and sometimes, it’s nice to have a helping hand to make sure that you’ve got enough to cover your dinners for the next month or so. This is where coupons come in.

People all over the United States take the time out of the schedules to collect, clip, organize and save coupons in the hopes that they can save themselves a few dollars on something in their shopping cart. I won’t say that the savings in doing this are non-existent, but they tend to not be worth all of the efforts you put into gathering all of your coupons. At best you can probably expect to get only 20% or lower off of your entire cart of groceries.

As it turns out, the real issue isn’t so much that coupons are borderline useless, but that there is a certain methodology that you have to use to maximize how much you save. There are strategies out there that can help you save anywhere from 80% to 90% instead of that sad previous mentioned 20%. If you’re curious, keep reading and maybe you’ll pick up a new trick for when you go out shopping next time.

Things Not To Do When You Shop With Coupons

Don’t Buy Everything That’s On Sale

A sale doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s anything good being sold. It’s better for you to wait for a better sale ( like when they aren’t offering something like two for $8.00 when the product is normally $3.99, for example) and then go nuts with your coupons.

Try Being A Little Less Brand Loyal

It’s usually not too hard to catch a sale at the grocery store, but the sale may not be for any of your favorite brands. It’s understandable to have your favorites, sometimes though, you may need to consider getting that different brand that’s on sale so that you can save some of your hard earned money.

Using a Coupon on a Full-Price Item

This one kind of goes hand in hand with the first one. If you buy something that’s $9.99 and you used a $2.00 coupon, you didn’t really save anything. I cannot stress this enough; only use coupons for items on sale. Another tip to add to this is to combine that sale with one or more coupons.

You Don’t Have to Buy Every “Great Deal”

It isn’t really a good deal if you’ve purchased something that you didn’t really need. Only get it if you need it right then, otherwise, you’re likely just going to have a bunch of spoiled food, squandered coupons, and wasted money.

It might take some time before you become good enough to save that 80% – 90% percent on everything in your shopping cart. Keep at it though, and you’ll eventually get the hang of it. The more you learn about couponing the better that you’ll become at it. Hopefully, you’ve got something useful out of my sharing this couponing information with you.

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