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The Best Places for Oil Change Coupons


Oil changes are a necessary evil for our vehicles. It seems to happen so often that we don’t like shelling out the extra cash for it but it has to be done in order to have a properly maintained vehicle. So how can we cut the costs of vehicle maintenance? Various websites are available that can help with the cost by giving you coupons for the oil changes on your vehicle. We have compiled a listing of the some of the best offers online for oil change coupons.

Be sure to browse around and take advantage of our amazing oil change coupons and discounts. 



ValPak has been around for a while so you can trust their site. It offers a list of manufacturer coupons that you can get by putting in your zip code. ValPak offers many great coupons to give you discounts on your oil changes.


Groupon is available in both Canada and the United States, you can get just about anything on the website. Everything is at least 50% off so you know when you buy a coupon you are getting a pretty great deal on an oil change. The coupons can be printed out or you can download the Groupon app and redeem the coupon on your phone.

Living Social

LivingSocial: They offer many great coupons and even discounts that are up to 90% off. So you are likely to get a great deal on an oil change at this site.


Yessavings is a website that offer many coupons for many items. You can get coupons for $10 off your oil change on this site.


The search engine on the site works wonders for navigating. The help section has no tutorials however and if you need further assistance there is no number available to call. There are many coupons for a Midas oil change on this site.


You can get coupons for an oil change at Walmart locations by going on their website and printing off the coupons. Coupons of course are only valid at their locations.

There are many Quaker State Coupons on this site for $5 or $10 off a service. They frequently post new coupons on their site and they are printable.

The site has some pros and cons, the pro being that you have the option of sharing your coupons with friends and family through Twitter or Facebook. It seems to be the site to go to for everything. Coupons vary from local to grocery, exclusive member savings as well as coupon codes. Oil changes are just one of many coupons available.


Maybe most well known for the speed of their oil changes, Jiffy Lube also offers some of the cheapest oil changes around. not only has their most recent coupons it also offers credit cards that can be used to earn points to pay for oil changes, fuel and other car related needs.

Most people think of Firestone and think only of tires. Firestone has expanded its services to include most any mechanical work that your can may need. Firestone offers coupons for inexpensive synthetic oil changes as well as coupons for heavy discounts on inspections, wiper blades and more. Unlike oil change only companies Firestone can provide complete maintenance (with coupon savings) should they discover problems with your car while changing the oil.

Pepboys often offers what they call a “hot oil change special” which often comes in under $20. Finding an oil change coupon for an oil change below $20 is almost impossible. Even their synthetic oil coupons can come in $25, which is a fantastic deal.

Meineke Car Care Center is the home of the $19.95 oil change. They run this promo often throughout the year. If your car needs and oil change it might not be a bad idea to wait until the $19.95 promo is active again. You won’t have to wait long. Meineke is also well known for brake pad coupons that can amount to up to 50% off.

Self-Oil Changes

Are you a little bit handy? Here is an option that might be for you: self-oil changes. Changing the oil in your car is not much more difficult than changing a tire and requires very few tools. You can find excellent coupons for premium brand synthetic oil that could save you a lot of money over the life of your car. Major brands like Valvoline and Pennzoil go on sale almost all the time at any major car parts store or retail store like Walmart.