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Combining and Saving Coupons Over Time


Becoming a seasoned couponer requires the ability to stay focused on the latest and upcoming sales at all time while maintaining organization skill simultaneously. Whether you have been involved with using coupons for years or if you are new to using coupons and are seeking new methods of efficiency, understanding the importance of combining coupons as well as saving them over time is a way to ensure you are making the most out of any time you spend with couponing altogether. Combining coupons and saving them over time not only allows you to increase the amount of savings you are entitled to, but it also gives you methods of becoming more organized whether you are using printable coupons, online coupons or coupons you have found within sales papers and local newspapers.

Benefits of Combining Coupons

Combining coupons whether you are shopping online or locally is commonly referred to as “stacking” in the coupon world and industry. Stacking coupons allows you to double, triple or add to original discounts you were offered from the first coupon you chose to use in-store or with any retailer online. When you are capable of stacking coupons, it is often possible to get items at an extremely low price, for free or even with store credit added to your own account if the coupons are worth more than the in-price value of the merchandise you are buying.

Storing Coupons

Saving and storing coupons over time is possible with small containers and storage folders to help you to better organize any of the coupons you plan to put to use in the future. If you plan to store any of your coupons for the future, be sure to do so by keeping all of your coupons that have expiration dates in order chronologically. It is also highly advisable to have a method of marking or labeling various coupons which do not expire, which can help you to keep in mind which products you have the ability to save on or get for free in the future with the right sale or additional coupons that are released.