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Combining In-Store and Online Coupons

Shopping for groceries, clothing and household goods with the use of coupons is a way to cut your bill in half and in some cases, even land you free merchandise and products. When you understand how the couponing world works and how to put coupons to your advantage, you can add additional savings any time you are checking out regardless of what you are looking to purchase. In some cases, it is also possible to combine both in-store and online coupons when you are checking out whether you are doing so in person or if you prefer to checkout using your mobile phone or home computer.

Benefits of Combining Coupons

Combining coupons, also known as “stacking” to those deeply invested in couponing, allows individuals to use more than one coupon to pay for an item, often resulting in free merchandise or in rare cases, even store credit for simply making the purchase. Some stores do not allow the combining of online and printed coupons, which is why it is imperative to read all policies of shopping and using coupons before checking out or putting your own coupons to use.

How to Determine if You Can Combine Coupons

Before checking out with any products or merchandise you want to buy from a specific retailer or merchandiser, be sure to determine whether or not it is possible for you to combine both printable and online coupons based on your preferred method of shopping. Reading terms and conditions as well as coupon policies for each retailer you are interested in using is a way for you to determine the best store to help you get the deal you have in mind.

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