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Comparing Printable and Online Coupons


Getting discounts and finding savings for your favorite brands, companies and local businesses has never been easier than with the advent of mobile applications and online coupon websites, blogs and communities dedicated to shoppers from around the world. Whether you consider yourself a passionate couponer or if you are just getting into saving additional money any time you are out shopping, it is important to understand how to go about comparing both printable and online coupons before your next shopping adventure.

What are Printable and Online Coupons?

Printable coupons are coupons from manufacturers or stores directly that allow you to print coupons directly from your own computer to use within the store or retail shop itself. Some printable coupons can also be applied to online shopping when you are checking out based on the store’s checkout and couponing policy as well as the type of items the coupon can be applied to as well as what you are interested in. Online coupons are generally coupons dedicated to users who are solely interested in shopping in and checking out in an online setting with an eCommerce platform. Most online coupons cannot be applied to in-person shopping unless stated otherwise.

There are also mobile coupons that are delivered via email and also additional online platforms, most of which can be utilized within the store itself by showing the coupon directly to a sales associate or manager of the company.

Combining Printable and Online Coupons When Shopping

Although it is not always possible, some retailers allow shoppers to combine both online and printed coupons when making a purchase. It is also possible to “stack”, or to combine additional manufacturer and retailer coupons based on the current policy in place for using coupons in person and with the online interface of the brand or business you are interested in yourself.

Understanding the difference between printable coupons, local coupons as well as online coupons is a way for you to expedite the process of saving money any time you are shopping in person or even from home, online. The more you understand about different types of coupons that can be put to use as well as store policies that are also written and in place for each company near you, the easier it is to get the savings you are looking for any time you checkout.