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Be Crazy With Your Coupons And Get Free Stuff

If you love saving money and you love getting free stuff even more then read on to discover how using coupons effectively can get you free stuff more often than not. Here are some big ways to get those items you desire for free.

Coupons: Coupons are the best way to get incredible savings. They are your greatest weapons when it comes to saving your money. Clip coupons and collect them, but refrain from using them right away. Big sales always come along and it’s a good time to use your coupons because you can end up getting your item for free. You will get the higher value coupons around the time something new hits the market whether it be a new flavour, product or size.

It’s no big surprise that manufacturers are looking to market their products and coupons because they are a great way for them to advertise products. Many people write the companies to thank them for their products and to give feedback and typically those companies will send coupons back to them. Facebook is also a great place to find high value coupons because they are only limited print.

Rewards: Most drugstores have their own reward programs available. Walgreens has Register Rewards, while Rite Aid has +Up Rewards and CVS has ExtraBucks. These are extra rewards that print out after you have gone through the checkout. It’s a good practice to save these receipts and then use them with store coupons and manufacturer coupons. By combining them all together you can get massive savings or get your products for free.

Catalina’s: These are coupon machines that are located at registers and they are there to dispense receipt-like coupons that can be used for your future purchases. Catalinas are coupons which are considered to be either store coupons or manufacturer coupons depending on the store you go to. Many are advertised coupons while other ones may be generated from surveys based off of consumer behaviour. Stack these coupons with others and you will get your products for free.

Rebates: Back-to-school is a great time to get rebates on products. You can probably find rebates at any drug store or office supply store during this time of year. Items such as batteries, pens, papers are all items that typically have rebates that are so low that you can end up only paying a penny for them or even get them for free. There are also manufacturers rebates as well as the mail-in formats that can save you a ton of money.

Overages Are Great Moneymakers: If your coupon exceeds the price of a product for example, if you have a $2.00 off coupon and the product you are buying is $1.87, a lot of stores will bring the value of the coupon down to make the product free. But some stores, Walmart being one, will actually apply the entire amount of the coupon on your purchases and give you the extra money back.

These are all easy ways to make the most out of using coupons. So start snipping and get some free products!

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