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Crisco Oil Coupon Finally Gets Redeemed 36 Years Later

Extreme couponing continues to make tremendous waves in the retail market, with some stores opting to wave expiry dates on coupons. This hit an all-time crazy high recently, when a Mineola North Shore Farms supermarket accepted and redeemed a coupon that had expired 36 years ago.
What was the product and how much was saved? A mere $0.20 cents for Crisco Oil. As the old saying goes, “every little helps”.

Fox News revealed that Anatoly Shashkin recently hit Twitter to post about the fact that a 36-year-old Crisco Oil coupon had just been redeemed at his supermarket. At the time of this writing, the tweet was shared over 2,300 times. The photo of the coupon was also part of the post, which actually showed no expiration date at all, but a message within the fine print that read: Don’t embarrass the (Crisco) dealer.

Twitter exploded with some responses, where users shared photos (and memories) of expired coupons of their own, with some hoping that they too could redeem these as well, someday.

One user stated that Shashkin’s tweet was reminiscent of the “bunny buck” they’ve been waiting to redeem for free ice cream come spring; another stated they had a decade-old coupon for a free pan pizza at Pizza Hunt; while yet another, seemingly a fellow supermarket colleague, posted a couple of Dawn detergent coupons for $0.25 cents off that someone tried to redeem, but did not share whether or not the consumer was successful.

Still, after some time, Shashkin was presumably “over” the entire “extreme couponing” fiasco at his store, stating later that day that he wanted to go back to posting about “old DOS” games, as he had been answering these tweets about “freaking” coupons all day.

What’s the moral of the story? Don’t redeem expired coupons … or if you do, don’t post said incident on social medial.

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