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Cut The Clipping: Three Ways To Save Without Coupons

Couponing can be a great way to save money for you and your family; especially when it comes to that costly weekly grocery shop. Having said that, the Huffington Post reported that the entire process can take up a ton of time and energy, and there are simply some weeks that even the most avid coupon-clipper has to skip the entire thing all together.

So, what’s a parent to do? You want to save money for your family, but can’t get to coupon clipping for the week? Here are three other ways to save money on that dreaded grocery bill.

Price Matching

This can be far quicker and more effective than couponing at times, as it takes skimming through flyers (which can be done while watching television). Big-box stores like Walmart and Target are known for their price-matching guarantees, and as long as you can find the same item in their store, on sale within another flyer from another store, then they’ll give you the sale price when you purchase said items at their store. Each establishment has differing policy around this, so ensure you check their website for details.

Meal Planning

It takes literally five to ten minutes to write down a list of meals for the following week, before you head out grocery shopping. Doing this will allow you to write down exactly what you need to buy for the week, eliminating impulse buys and overspending on your grocery bill in general. Meal planning helps you save another way: you have your weekly meals already laid out, therefore, you know what foods to pull out for supper when it comes to prep time, giving you less chances to reach out for the phone and waste money on take-out.

3. Buy In Bulk

If something is on sale this week (whether you have price-matched or found a good price in the store you are shopping at), and it’s an item your household uses often, then bulk up on it. Buying in bulk, overall, saves a ton of money on your grocery bill because when you bulk in this fashion, you save money in the long run. Buying in bulk may “cost more” up front, but per item is far cheaper.

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