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Fake Publix Coupon Making Its Rounds On Social Media

Picture it: you are scrolling down the feed of Facebook and your eyes are immediately attracted to a huge coupon deal that seems way too good to be true. If that’s the case, it usually is (way too good to be true).

For all of you who love your Facebook, an $80 coupon for Publix is making its rounds on social media, and the response has been so big that the grocery chain has come out publicly to state that it is in fact fake. The image attached to the post show off a coupon for $80 off your next purchase, all to celebrate the store’s anniversary. In fact, one image post states the coupon is to help Publix celebrated its 75th birthday, when the grocery chain will be celebrating 89 years of being in business this coming September.

This week, Fox 13 has recently advised that Publix responded to one social media user who asked about the incredible deal. The company wrote in part, stating that customers need to be aware that said coupon was not supported by their grocery chain, and is not valid at any of their locations. They went on further to recommend that customers do not participate in the Facebook promotion post, or offer up personal information.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a scam such as this one has occurred on Facebook, or social media in general. It’s become a trend on these social media platforms, where fake coupons are posted, and then shared by thousands. A lot of times, social media handles are hacked into, in order to post a fake coupon to begin with, and then shared by said users’ friends, families, and colleagues.

It’s better to ask the company about a coupon found on social media, before participating in its guidelines, and sharing personal information; or even sharing said post to other users on your social media.

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