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Florida Mom Believes Key To Couponing Is Starting Small

Sometimes the very idea of incorporating couponing into your grocery-buying process can be overwhelming. Between flyer inserts and online printables, it’s hard to know where to even begin. One Florida mom’s advice? Start small.

Elizabeth Baker began “couponing” while pregnant with her first child. She stated that she had never done this before, and admitted she did feel overwhelmed; however, she also stated this doesn’t have to be the case and those who are thinking about diving into the world of couponing should start small.

Her advice? Pick one thing to focus on when it comes to couponing. For her, it was diapers, but she also suggests going with an item that you or your family uses a lot of (and often), such as non-perishable food items, toiletries, and paper products.

ABC Action News advised that Baker prefers heading online to couponing blogs rather than looking at store adds, more often than not, she saves time doing this as she simply reviews what these bloggers have suggested to buy that week, as they breakdown regular coupons and store sales very well. Baker notes that it is unbelievable how cheap you can purchase items by combining in-store sales with coupons.

Baker also notes to not overbuy the same items weekly; rather, buy enough to last three to six months. She was able to save a minimum of two-thousand dollars on diapers alone via this method.
And she sees the struggle other moms go through, and is making a difference, as she is using her couponing strategies to help stock pantries and shelters. With people in so much need these days, Baker believes that if she can get items for free, then why not help shelters, and those looking to catch a warm meal, shower, and potentially some toiletries.

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