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H-E-B Coupons On Social Media Fake

We’ve all seen them before when perusing Twitter or Facebook; those incredible and amazing coupon deals or “free” gift card offers. They seem too good to be true at times, mostly because they are.

Recently, an $80-off H-E-B coupon has been circulating social media, stating to be celebrating the retailer’s 50th birthday; sadly, this offer is fraudulent. First and foremost, H-E-B came to be in 1905, and will be celebrating its 114th anniversary. Secondly, these posts are connected to sites that are not linked to the store at all.

Sadly, Snopes advised that the fake coupons are part of a survey scam that instructs users to follow three “easy” steps to gain access to the coupon, sometimes free gift cards; however, once an individual completes the request from the site, they do not gain access to the coupon, rather a survey they need to fill out which outlines personal information (i.e. telephone number, email, home address). Users may also need to enroll in programs or sign up for credit cards as part of the credentials to obtain this coupon/free gift card.

Sadly, these coupons/free gift cards are very prevalent on Facebook, so users of this social media platform need to be aware of the trend. Unfortunately, in this techy age we live in, stealing logos is very easy. Therefore, it is important to remember that legitimate coupon offers don’t ask for banking or credit card numbers via consumer surveys, and if they ask for personal information, there should be a privacy policy attached.

When it doubt experts agree to conduct a quick web search, and if it is a scam, there will likely be complaints and alerts online from other individuals. The retailer’s website is another good source of information. It’s also important to remember that businesses rarely dish out $50 or above coupons, it just is not economically feasible for them.

To gain access to genuine digital coupons from H-E-B, click here.

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