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Man Wanted For Coupon Overusing At Circle K

Sounds a bit crazy; however, police in Florida are currently looking for a man who has over-used a cigarette coupon, scanning it more than 3,000 times within two weeks to get approximately $8,000 worth of drinks, lottery tickets, and snacks for free. Additionally, two convenience store cashiers may also be facing charges, as they allowed him to do so.

Ormond Beach Police state that a local Circle K loss prevention reported the fraudulent coupon activity last month. It’s been stated that a customer had been stocking up on goodies each and every night over the past 14 days, thanks to a coupon app.

As per the report published on Coupons In The News, management with the store stated that an R.J. Reynolds app sends coupons daily; however, once activated, these coupons are only valid for a small window of time, sometimes mere minutes, a feature meant to battle fraud.

Sadly, the customer over-using coupons had apparently taken a screenshot of the coupon, which offers $2.50 off a package of Camel cigarettes. Unfortunately, the individual had not only used said coupon multiple times over, but also used it on items it was intended for. Police state that said customer and female companion would load up on energy drinks, lottery tickets, beer and snacks during their purchases, using the coupon each night or two weeks straight. As per video surveillance, the same two clerks were at the cash each time, allowing said customer to scan this coupon repeatedly until his balance hits “$0”.

The coupon was scanned over 3,300 times, allotting the customers over $8,200 worth of free stuff.

Video surveillance also shows the customer giving the two store clerks scratch lottery tickets after transactions. When the one clerk was interviewed by police, they stated that the customer relayed that he had a Camel savings account that allowed him to use this coupon whenever he wanted. This was apparently the reason why they allowed him to use the coupon for a number of times for items that were not Camel cigarettes.

The employee was fired shortly after his talk with the police. While no arrests have been made, Circle K does plan to press grand theft charges against their staff involved. If convicted, they face a $5,000 fine and up to five years in jail.

Interestingly enough, the customer who illegally over-used his Camel coupon has not been seen at the Circle K since.

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