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Mom Saves $8,000 Each Year, Thanks To Coupon Clipping

A mom hailing from Waukesha, Wisconsin recently stated that she saves about $8,000 annually, all thanks to coupon clipping. Katie Swanson quit her job to become a stay-at-home mom to her 2 children, and her couponing ways have helped her to do so. Having said that, it didn’t always come easy.

According to Swanson, reported that in the beginning, “she failed miserably” at it all, but after a while she began reading the fine print and learning to save. Katie says it’s all about strategy, and she combines paper coupons with digital ones, as well as in-store coupons for the win.

As such, her $700 grocery bill has now been reduced to $200; that’s for a family of four.
Swanson not only has won the world of coupon clipping, but also social media where she teaches her followers all her couponing tips and tricks.

Swanson believes there’s a science to it all, and she breaks everything down (as easy as possible) for beginners. Having said that, couponing can take up a lot of time. In fact, Katie relays that when she first started doing this, it would take her about 12 hours; however, now that she has it down to a science, so it only takes about six hours weekly.

Swanson also has a stockpile of items in her basement, where close to everything purchased is either free, less than a dollar, or she’s made a profit from it.

What’s the best deal she’s ever couponed for? While she notes that she can always save a ton on diapers (50-70 percent off, “easily”), as they can also be stacked with (Target) gift card promos, cartwheel offers, paper coupons, and rebates. Still, Katie’s “go-to” store for couponing is Pick ‘N Save, thanks to their double-coupon days.

Need some couponing tips of your own? Follow Swanson’s “Coupon Katie” handles on YouTube and Instagram.

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