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Serta Offers New Parents Interesting “Coupon” Promotion


Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you: babies are expensive. Between the cost of clothes, diapers, wipes, baby furniture, toys, and more; new parents are constantly looking for ways to stretch their hard-earned dollar.

In between all this, new parents are also desperately looking for some rest. As expensive as babies can be, they also can create a ton of sleepless nights.

Which makes Serta’s new promo so catchy and unique. While we all know that new parents also like to stock up on those baby product coupons to help the budget, the mattress manufacturer has created a catchy promotion slogan called “Your Baby is Your Coupon” program. Put those scissors downs, moms and dads, this one is not exactly how it sounds.

WHAS 11 reported that Serta is promising to let you use that new bundle of joy you have to help you on two things you may be struggling with: saving money, and getting sleep.

Although, you may have to spend a little money to save some money, and here’s how the entire thing works: upon purchasing select Serta mattresses over the price of $1,999, new parents will be given a gift that is $300 in value. Those new parents that buy a select Serta for $1,999 or less get a gift that is $200 in value. The promotional terms and conditions of the program also state that gifts and discounts with purchase do vary by retailer and model; so, know what you are getting, and getting into, before diving into this Serta initiative.

If you are a parent that’s just had a little one and need a mattress, this may be worth your while. The offer extends until May 20th, so you may want to place a call into a Serta retailers in your area to find out more information.

Also, don’t forget to bring your cutie along for the ride when you purchase your new mattress; they are YOUR coupon after all!