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How to Use Social Media to Score Tons of Coupons


Social media certainly has opened tons of doors for networking; and given couponers quite a vehicle to aide in their coupon collections. It offers a platform for learning about the craft of couponing, as well as adding new friends to your world that share the same interest, and of course; scoring coupons!

How can you get coupons from social media? Start by creating a profile page if you don’t already have one on all of the major sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Once you’ve established your profiles the fun can begin by searching for your next savings. Facebook for example, allows the member to search in the toolbar keywords in addition to names, cities, and places. Just by searching “coupons” you will see the results of coupon clubs, coupon services, coupon websites, and so the fun ensues. Some examples of success on social media are:

Facebook: Coupon Diva, Coupon Clipin’ Sista, page, and Coupon Mom are great places to start. Search these names, “like” their pages and you’re all set to view their sales and deals!

Twitter: Same theory applies here, just search the word “coupon” in the directory bar and follow those who have accounts specifically for couponing. Some worthy accounts to find new coupon links are- @couponlikeaman @couponproblog @couponcabin @krazycouponlady and @couponmountain- after viewing their profile pages you can see how it works, it’s very simple to navigate. Most post links for half off sales, buy one get one deals, and for coupons that you can print at home.

YouTube: Did you know that YouTube is the second largest data search engine on the internet after Google? It is; and the education one can obtain from this free video data base is unmatched. Take a few minutes to search YouTube videos on “couponing”. Here are a few worth watching:

Using social media to sign up for social couponing apps for smart devices is also a white hot trend. Apps such as Ibotta, and Cartwheel by Target ask that the user sign up by using their Facebook account. The reason for this practice is so that the app can specifically target what coupons would cater to your needs. Pretty genius, right?

Ibotta is a pretty neat app from the others as it provides a rebate, or cash back for shopping you’re already doing. For example, you purchase a gallon of milk or loaf of bread every week; not only can you use any additional coupons or offers you have in the store to purchase the items at a lower price, but Ibotta gives you a cash rebate back on top of that discount. Some math to show you how it works:

Milk-regular shelf price is $3.98, you have an in store coupon for .40 cents off. You go home, load your milk purchase to the Ibotta app which is offering a .50 cents rebate. You end up paying $3.08 for the gallon of milk.

If you could take an hour per week surfing the web on new couponing trends, you most likely will end up saving thousands each year. It requires a tiny bit of time to get your coupons sorted for shopping, but it is so valuable to have that extra few dollars to put away into savings or spend on other bills each month!